By now, many of you have become aware of the proposed development within the downtown core of Milton, 175 Main. We understand why people are concerned, specifically from a historic perspective, but feel considerable misinformation has been placed in the public's mind, and further believe, through shedding light on the truths surrounding what is actually being proposed, it will become obvious that we, like you, only want what is best for the community. Not only are we the people behind the initiative, we are long standing residents of Milton.

Please take a few minutes to better acquaint yourself with what we have proposed. We welcome your feedback and encourage you to participate in an open process of decision making.


Have something to say? We welcome the opportunity to engage in dialogue; it’s important in better understanding our proposal, dispelling concerns, and moving in a positive and productive direction for our community. You can connect directly through Facebook and Twitter, read our Resources and FAQ's, or Contact Us.